Our Team Philosophy

Even if we thought we had a good idea, the success of our company depends largely on the strength of our team. In fact, the characters, the confidence, the abilities and the abilities of each member of the team and the way the main members work are some of the most important factors for the success of our team. So, it is important for the founding team to be able to work together well and in person. The road is so hard, long and uphill that we all have to follow and believe that our team has faith in it.

What is the CruisesWind platform?


The CruisesWind platform was developed to help improve the functions and activities provided in the field of Daily Boat Tours.

            Many companies are active in this industry, with daily sea excursions and tours, with new and luxury boats, giving tourists the opportunity to enjoy amazing sea excursions.

            The Cruiseswind platform offers all the necessary functions and solutions to boat owners, being a complete and real-time (Real Time) electronic booking system and electronic management of boat trips.

The only Reservation System using Cloud technology

offers you, among other things:

  Increase the fullness of the excursions

Increase in turnover (turnover)

Full electronic availability check for each trip

Integrated online development and network management of agents - sellers e.g. hotels, car rentals, ...

References e.g. list of excursion passengers, crew list, financial data, etc.

 Online version of Voucher for the passenger

Plenty of important extra features and capabilities


Features of the CruisesWind platform

Modern Design
The CruisesWind online application / platform is designed for simplicity, ease of use and efficiency.
Ongoing Updates & Technical Support

The CruisesWind platform is constantly being updated with new updates and software, in order to optimize the features and capabilities it offers.

Technical Overview
The CruisesWind platform is based entirely on Microsoft's ASP.Net Core technology. This technology is the most powerful and innovative Microsoft Framework for Cloud applications. The hosting of the platform in the service of Microsoft Azure Cloud, ensures continuous and uninterrupted functionality (99.9% uptime) 24 hours a day and 365 days a year.
High quality

CruisesWind uses high security and prestige services (Microsoft, Paypal, SSL encryption, etc) in order to provide users with security and reliability. Carrying out continuous checks and tests in collaboration with its customers, minimizes errors and malfunctions to a minimum.

Extremely and Immediately Responsive
The CruisesWind platform, having an innovative design (Layout), based on austerity and functionality, adapts to any type of device such as tablet, Smartphone, Laptop, LCD TVs, etc.
Fully customizable

CruisesWind has been developed to meet and satisfy the preferences and expectations of its customers. However, we are available to develop new features that will facilitate and fully meet their needs.