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Yachting and Sailing, Tours, Excursions by boat in the Greek islands of Sporades, Cyclades, Ionian, Crete, Saronic Gulf, North Aegean, Dodedanesse and Chalkidiki

Explore the Greek islands, with the unique luxury yachting and sailing by moto boats, sailing boats and discovered their unique and special landscapes. Give yourself a gift, an enjoyable sailboat exploration of fairytale islands, pirate looting and around the National Marine Park. Wonderful beaches and turquoise waters that you can enjoy only by boat. Natural landscapes, hidden from the naked eye caves, unexplored seabed, beaches with sand or pebbles in calm bays. Sandy beaches away from prying eyes. Get to know the culture and history of each island separately and live the experience of a summer getaway against the backdrop of the endless blue that will surely be unforgettable. Travel to the beaches of the Aegean Sea and more specifically to the beaches of the Sporades, Ionian, Cyclades, Crete, Dodecanese. A mini paradise for sailors with numerous islands, countless bays and bays, protected anchorages and idyllic beaches. In ancient times the area was an important sea passage that connected the North with the South Aegean. In the following centuries the islands were used as a base for the pirates of Barbarossa. Today, the same turquoise waters provide shelter to many protected marine species in a unique marine park. Choose the route you want and leave the rest to us!


Choose from the following map the destination you desire among the Greek islands of Sporades, Cyclades, Ionian, Dodecanesse, Crete, Saronic Gulf, Chalkidiki and organize an amazing Yachting and Sailing Tours and Excursions


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